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Transform the way you see and feel about your appearance and weight. This audio teaches you how to reframe your negative self-talk and quiet your inner critic. Includes personal coaching and step-by-step guidance through the reframing process.


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Transform your negative self talk—just by listening.


We are painfully judgmental and highly critical of our bodies. We’ll say the most hateful things to ourselves that we would never utter aloud to another person. You’ll never get the body you want or achieve your ideal weight if you allow this negative self-talk to continue.


This audio version of the Self-Image Reboot will help you break the habit of always defaulting to your negative self talk. You’ll learn how to replace your old negative self talk with positive, self-affirming messages to shift your attitude, thoughts, and choices. 


This audio guides you through the 4-step process of reframing your negative self-talk and silencing your inner critic.


You Get:


Personal Coaching - You’re set up for success with personal instruction from Nikole on how reframing works and specific instructions on how to incorporate the practice into your daily routine.


Calming & Visualization Exercise – You’ll be led through a visualization exercise to calm your mind and open it to new information. It’s based on the Psycho-neuromuscular Theory, which explains how imagery using only our thoughts, can create the same neuromuscular response as if you were having the actual experience. This visualization exercise is calming and restores your sense of control over your thoughts.  


Skill Building - This audio works in the same way you learn a new language—by listening and practicing. The more your brain receives positive, repeated messages, the more you wire your brain to speak and believe this new language. The only way for you to make lasting change is to change the way you think. To do that, you need to reboot those old mental programs that have been calling the shots!


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