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If you don't know your worth, you're at risk of being taken for granted or mistreated. You must change the negative thoughts and words you use to describe yourself. This script teaches you how to reframe your negative self-talk and quiet your inner critic. Includes instruction guide, reframing script, and video flash cards.


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You become what you believe. If you have people in your life who cut you down and demean you, it's only a matter of time before you start repeating those harmful things to yourself. When you don't know your value, other people will determine it for you. Feelings of worthiness start and grow out of your language. You must change how you speak to yourself and only then, will people change how they speak to you.


This Self Worth Reboot will help you transform your internal dialogue and language into powerful, believable thoughts and statements. You’ll learn which words to avoid because they trigger negative emotions in your mind and body. More importantly, you’ll learn how to choose words that shift your mindset from defeat to empowerment.


This reboot teaches you the psychological technique of reframing. Reframing is a way to change your point of view and give new meaning to experience. Your Reboot includes:


Instruction Guide

This step-by-step instruction guide walks you through the process of reframing. It also provides specific instructions on how to use the script.



The reframing script walks you through the practice of identifying common negative statements you say to yourself and then reframes then into positive, supportive statements. When practiced regularly, you’ll develop this powerful skill and be able to apply it to all areas of your life.


NOTE: These are not positive affirmations. Simply thinking positive does not work because we often feel like we’re lying to ourselves. The key to reframing is to create believable statements that your subconscious mind agrees with. This way the subconscious mind can accept it as truth.  


Video Flash Cards

Sometimes we must do our learning on the go. I created these video flashcards, so you can practice this exercise throughout your day. Watch and listen from your phone. Have your script on hand for those moments when you need to stop your inner critic.